Glory fencing club

Glory fencing club

Glory Fencing Center(GFC) is open to all levels of fencers. The center emphasizes an integrative, group approach to its training system to create a comprehensive fencing environment. This is a united community fit for the recreational fencer. Students in all of the offered programs benefit from the comprehension and attention of our Head Coach Youngho Choun, international Olympic level fencing coach, offers instruction of all three types of swords. Glory Fencing Center's solid approach translates into an enhanced and structured training environment which is beneficial to the growth of both the fencer’s skill and overall enjoyment of the sport.

The realization of each student’s potential is the ultimate goal. Unique to the coach’s approach, the prioritization of physical, mental, and body awareness skills promote lifelong discovery. 

In addition to the youth program, all adult and collegiate fencers will be welcomed as a 

valued member of the community, with programs tailored to their individual needs

 for continued progression.